The Show can’t go on

In its tone-deafness to this emergent moment in history, Major League Baseball has not only signaled its foolhardy and quixiotic intent to complete this season, it is also forfeiting its remaining sociocultural cache.

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Let’s call it what it is: Lockout

With the acrimony between Major League Baseball ownership and the Players Association reaching hull-crushing depths, and hopes for a 2020 season being eroded more and more by the leaked memo or letter, it’s time to stop seeing this as anything other than what it is: an owner-induced labor stoppage. A lockout.

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Parchment is nothing more than fancy paper

I spent over six hours viewing, reviewing and re-reviewing Rob Manfred’s interview with ESPN’s Karl Ravech. He’s not just bad for baseball; he’s bad for business. Thoughts on Manfred, baseball and stewardship, all unrelated.

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First Inning: What if Rob Manfred is wrong?

In commemoration of the impending [stateside, at least] Opening Day, the BtB staff is pleased to present Nine Innings, a series of posts on, about or tangentially related to the game. Today, a look at the game, and MLB’s thirst for fixing what may or may not be broken.

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