Fun With Numbers: Mark Buehrle

In the premiere submission for Fun With Numbers, Bronx to Bushville co-founder Brent Sirvio’s 2020 IBWAA Hall of Fame Ballot series, we look at a pitcher whose numbers do not adequately paint a Hall of Fame pitcher. Mark Buehrle was never one of the dominant starters of his generation, but since when did that matter?

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Embrace the Chaos: Omar Vizquel

A bonus version of Embrace the Chaos looking at perhaps the most polarizing candidate on this year’s Hall of Fame ballot. Omar Vizquel played in almost 3000 major league games, was a steady and reliable shortstop on six postseason-qualifying teams. And yet, he has many vocal detractors and is derided as a compiler. Whither Omar Vizquel?

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Embrace the Chaos: Curt Schilling

In the final installment of Embrace the Chaoswe look at Curt Schilling‘s Hall of Fame resume. More to the point, Schilling is the cautionary tale of what happens when a celebrity doesn’t know when to shut his mouth. His post-career pratfalls and perhaps worse have obscured a brilliant career that merits enshrinement in the Hall of Fame. Is any of this his problem, or ours?

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Embrace the Chaos: Billy Wagner

Turning our attention to the pitchers, this entry of Embrace the Chaos looks at longtime closer Billy Wagner. One of the most dominant firemen bridging two generations of baseball, Billy the Kid’s Hall of Fame case is clouded by the two, popularly preeminent closers in front of him. Somehow that’s considered a bad thing. As we’ll see, only one of the two actually is.

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Embrace the Chaos: Paul Konerko

In the third entry of Embrace the Chaos, we look at another overlooked slugging first baseman who quietly put together a very, very good career. Paul Konerko doesn’t have a chance. And that’s really too bad.

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Embrace the Chaos: Scott Rolen

Or, How the writer came around on a guy who until about two weeks ago had no chance of making his ballot. Embrace the Chaos, this time looking at Scott Rolen.

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Embrace the Chaos: Adam Dunn

Let’s face it, after a 2019 full of faux pas, unforced errors, glorified tennis balls and myriad scandals simmering just underneath the surface, Hall of Fame talk doesn’t hold the same, sacrosanct place for those of us used to bickering over the merits of x or y. To that end, Bronx to Bushville co-founder Brent Sirvio presents his 2019 IBWAA Hall of Fame ballot in serial format: Embrace the Chaos. Leading off, a man ahead of his time, Adam Dunn.

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Max Scherzer, Clayton Kershaw and a paradigm shift

Benchmarks for the Hall of Fame were once defined by whole numbers and equal parts quantity and quality. The new game and the new generation of players like Max Scherzer, however, are changing that perception entirely.

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My 2019 IBWAA Hall of Fame ballot

Wherein the writer discloses his inaugural Hall of Fame selections, shamelessly self-promotes and otherwise gets lost in the tantalizing illusion of ushering ballplayers into immortality. Or, pretends to be a voting member of the BBWAA without the annual extortion dues and absurdly silly-long probationary period.

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