Embrace the Chaos: Adam Dunn

Let’s face it, after a 2019 full of faux pas, unforced errors, glorified tennis balls and myriad scandals simmering just underneath the surface, Hall of Fame talk doesn’t hold the same, sacrosanct place for those of us used to bickering over the merits of x or y. To that end, Bronx to Bushville co-founder Brent Sirvio presents his 2019 IBWAA Hall of Fame ballot in serial format: Embrace the Chaos. Leading off, a man ahead of his time, Adam Dunn.

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Fatal Five-way: The NL Central is now up for grabs

With the Cincinnati Reds landing Yasiel Puig, Matt Kemp and Alex Wood Friday in a trade with the Los Angeles Dodgers, the presumed NL Central doormats are ready to rumble, and the division went from being a two-way race at the end of 2018 to an open field with five not unrealistic contenders for the division title.

Hit the music.

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MLB Overnight: The small sample size Olympics​

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Please, baseball fans: Don’t be that guy

I have two hard and fast rules when it comes to what one wears at specific occasions.

One, when at a concert, one shouldn’t wear a t-shirt of the performing band(s). Two, when at a sporting event, one can either wear the garb of one of the teams involved, or something within the milieu of the sport but distant enough where it lends credibility, e.g., a Milwaukee Braves jersey at a Brewers or Braves game is cool. A New York Knights jersey at a Yankees game would also be acceptable. (In fairness, a Roy Hobbs jersey can and should be worn anywhere.)

A Chicago Cubs jersey at a Milwaukee Brewers-Cincinnati Reds tilt is not.
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Snap Throw: When should a runner be sent home with two out?

Snap Throw is a recurring feature on BtB taking a deeper look at the pivotal moments in games. Have an idea for a snap throw? Tweet us @Bronx2Bushville #SnapThrow and a link to a video.

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