Spring Commencement: Stearns, Yelich and the Brewers

David Stearns spent the first four and a half years cleaning up an organization in disarray. Now, with a franchise cornerstone in Christian Yelich reportedly locked up for the long-term, Stearns can build both a championship-grade club and his own legacy.

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Battling back: Brewers bats to watch for in 2020

If this winter’s aura has been any indicator—social media, Brewers On Deck, and all Milwaukee’s fanbase is currently in a state of unrest.

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Brewers pitchers looking to bounce back in 2020

If there’s one constant in Milwaukee, it’s that pitching remains forever fickle, and there was no better proof than the 2019 season.

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Yasmani Grandal primed for a return to Milwaukee

In an era when most MLB players are aiming for contractual longevity over average annual value, Yasmani Grandal is using the latter to leverage the former—and it could be the very reason he ends up back in Milwaukee.

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No joy in Bushville: On the Brewers’ brief October

The satellite signal went out at the house with one away in the bottom of the eighth. If that wasn’t a cosmic sign of how awry things were about to go, I don’t know what is.

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Snap Throw: The anatomy of a grand slam

Ryan Braun is the polarizing de facto captain of the Milwaukee Brewers. His grand slam Sunday had all the makings of a spine-tingling, jump-out-of-your-seat-and-cheer moment that can only come from baseball this time of year. How did we get there? In this Snap Throw, we take a look — not at Braun, but at the batterymates: Junior Fernandez and Yadier Molina.

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The night the Milwaukee Brewers saved their season

In a long-suffering 2019 campaign, the Milwaukee Brewers, by commission or omission, have been utterly unable to get out of their own way. Having backed themselves into a corner, their Friday night showdown with the rival Chicago Cubs had deep and lasting implications for October dreams. And they responded with what might be their finest showing in a season with far too few comparables. Now, they live to fight another day.

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